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N_ico  Strong Partnership

In Novabo we build the right partnership and establish lasting relationship. We care about how you make your business grow and are dedicated in making our partners become more proactive by joining our team events, local and international exhibitions, workshops, internal trainings and more which is vital in long-term business success.

N_ico  Marketing

Our company is client-centered. NOVABO always wants the best for our partners. Our objective is to help our partners and dealers grow their businesses with the right marketing materials that they can utilize. We will provide materials that aim to support our partners such as flyers, applications, videos, catalogs, high-quality images for advertisement, and technical documentation.

N_ico  Team Spirit

NOVABO puts emphasis on the spirit of camaraderie. We believe that strengthening team relationships nurtures loyalty which results in open communication, mutual respect, and creativity.

N_ico  Support

Building your business with NOVABO will secure your company’s future. We will offer you a consistent end-to-end solution. We have in-house specialist that provides prompt solutions and assists our partners in all their major and minor projects.

Our specific location

Gdansk is part of Tricity (Gdynia, Sopot, Gdansk). This is known as the home of the largest port in the country and a gateway to business trading and shipping. It has been Poland’s most important city for many years and It’s no secret that Gdansk is financially well off and one of the most livable city in the country. The location has a very stable and moderate weather condition which is ideal for business. You can enjoy warm summers and moderately cold winters. Gdansk is bounded by so many delightful sceneries and architecture. The historical places, churches, and establishments improved the indulgence quality of the region. The beauty of the place attracted so many international companies and is seen as the country’s fastest-growing outsourcing city.

Overall Gdansk is a perfect choice for business and a place to live. The convenience of the place, availability of dedicated workers, low unemployment rate, and the proximity to western markets makes it more potential to grow a business. It is certainly among the top cities in Poland to live in aside from its capital city Warsaw.