The Squealer is a modern, microprocessor-based device designed for continuous monitoring the status of pre-configured HILEVEL (overflow sensor), OILER (oil, grease, organic petrol substances level sensor) and the SLUDO (sludge level sensor).

Basic functions are simultaneous, independent monitoring of on-line 1 to 3 sensors(overflow, the oil and sludge); control of siren status, sensors and alarm events (LED, buzzer); in the case of an alarm, the module converts the signal from the sensor / sensors of the measurement zone on a visual signal (LEDs located on the housing), activates an acoustic signal (internal buzzer), activates one or three potential-free output; ability to work on the additional battery (1,2Ah) ~ 3 h. after power-on the module is activating after 60 [s] delay aimed at stabilizing the operation of sensors.

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