Solar set for SQUEALER-WRL series controller. Includes solar panel with a handle, battery, voltage regulator, transparent box IP65 with a lock, 2m galvanized plinth, mounting brackets.

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Solar power kit is used to power devices using solar energy. It does not require mains power. It works with the SQUEALER-WRL controller or other devices adapted to work without mains power. This system recharges the battery during the day and ensures continuous operation of the system also at night. It works continuously for many years without having to replace the battery.

The sequence of actions during the installation of the set:

– connect two pipes with each other
– attach a u-bolt at the bottom, which is used to block against turning in the ground
– install the plinth in the ground, digging it in to a depth of at least 50 cm
– fix the enclosure to the plinth using rails and u-bolts
– install the solar panel on top of the plinth
– set the solar panel towards the sun
– the voltage on the wires coming from the solar panel should be between 12.0V-12.75V
– connect the cable to the battery, red (+) black (-)
– then connect the cable to the controller, to the input with the description 12V, remembering about the correct polarity (+/-)


Kit contents:

1 x solar panel
1 x battery
1 x housing with a lock, protection IP65
4 x gland
4 x fixing the controller to the ground
2 x rail
4 x screws to fasten the rail to the housing
4 x screws to secure the housing to the pipe
8 x pad
8 x nut
2 x clamp
2 x pipe 2m high
1 x u-bolt securing against rotation in the ground