SET-011 (2 inputs, 230V)

The SET-011 is used for measure the maximal layer thickness of oil, fat, grease, petroleum substances and for measure of the sludge, silt layer in any type of separator or liquid tank with intergated settler (oil, fat, grease, petroleum substances separators with intergated settler).

1 x SQUEALER-2 (controller)
1 x OILER (fat, grease, oil, petroleum substances probe)
1 x SLUDO (sludge probe)

– alarm for oil separators
– alarm for fat separators
– alarm for separators of petroleum substances
– alarm to settlers



The set includes SQUEALER controller and OILER and SLUDO probe. The set is build on the basis of a modern microprocessor devices for continuous monitoring the status of selected probes. The basic parameters of the controller is 2 inputs, 1 relay output, LEDs indicating normal state, failure status and alarm status, buzzer generating an alarm signal, alarm output, relay output, activated at the time of alarm.

– 2 inputs (overflow, fat layer thickness or oil level, the level of sludge)
– 1 output (potential-free relay)
– 230V power supply
– Hermetic housing used outdoor
– Dipswitch (programming using dipswitches)
– Optical and acoustic signals of troubles and alarms on the front panel
– Sensor diagnostic (opening / short circuit)

(oil, fat, petroleum probe, with 5m cable, ATEX, 4-20mA)
Oil level measurement; measurement of petroleum substances; fat layer thickness measurement; conductivity technology; ATEX certified. Output signal 4-20mA.

(sludge probe, with 5m cable, ATEX, 4-20mA)
Detection of the sediment layer; ultrasonic technology; impulse measurement; non-corrosive material; work in full immersion of liquid; ATEX certified. Output signal 4-20mA.

Front panel description.
– LED green – probe is OK
– LED lights alternately green and red – ALARM
– LED lights alternately yellow and red – FAILURE
– Short press – cancel acoustic alarm signal.
– Long press of the button – device test (LED, BUZER and RELAY). Test possible only in normal state (without alarm).

Technical data
– Power: 230V AC
– Max. fuse: 1.25 A
– Power Consumption (nominal): 2.2 VA
– Output: NO/NC potential-free relay, 2A/120VAC or 2A/24VDC
– Ambient temperature: -40 to + 60 ° C
– Mechanical strength: IK 07
– Housing dimensions (without glands)(HxWxD): 96 x 130 x 66 mm

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions250 × 200 × 150 cm