SET-010 (Oiler, 230V)

Measurement of fat, oil, petroleum substances layer thickness, in separators used for oil, fat, grease, petroleum.

1 x SQUEALER-1 (controller)
1 x OILER (fat, grease, oil, petroleum substances probe)

– alarm for hydrocarbon separators
– alarm for coalescing separators
– alarm for separators of petroleum substances
– alarm for oil separators
– alarm for fat separators



The set includes SQUEALER controller and Oiler probe. The set is build on the basis of a modern microprocessor devices for continuous monitoring the status of selected probes. The basic parameters of the controller is 1 input, 1 relay output, LEDs indicating normal state, failure status and alarm status, buzzer generating an alarm signal, alarm output, relay output, activated at the time of alarm.

– 1 input (overflow, fat layer thickness or oil level, the level of sludge)
– 1 output for BMS (potential-free relay)
– 230V power supply
– Hermetic housing used outdoor
– Dipswitch (programming using dipswitches)
– Optical and acoustic signals of troubles and alarms on the front panel
– Sensor diagnostic (opening / short circuit)

(oil, fat, petroleum probe, with 5m cable, ATEX, 4-20mA)
Oil level measurement; measurement of petroleum substances; fat layer thickness measurement; conductivity technology; ATEX certified. Output signal 4-20mA.

Front panel description.
– LED green – probe is OK
– LED lights alternately green and red – ALARM
– LED lights alternately yellow and red – FAILURE
– Short press – cancel acoustic alarm signal.
– Long press of the button – device test (LED, BUZER and RELAY). Test possible only in normal state (without alarm).

Technical data
– Power: 230V AC
– Max. fuse: 1.25 A
– Power Consumption (nominal): 2.2 VA
– Output: NO/NC potential-free relay, 2A/120VAC or 2A/24VDC
– Ambient temperature: -40 to + 60 ° C
– Mechanical strength: IK 07
– Housing dimensions (without glands)(HxWxD): 96 x 130 x 66 mm

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions250 × 200 × 150 cm