General options:
– monitoring of 1 to 3 sensors
– overflow level monitor of water, oil and sludge
– status of the sensors using the LED
– alarm status optic(LED) and acustic(buzzer)
– circuit sensor test (open circuit and short circuit)
– two potential-free alarm outputs (relays)
– self-test system (inputs, outputs, signaling)
– programmable sensor time response(5s / 30s)
– inputs configuration (enabled / disabled)
– hermetically sealed enclosure

Individual Parameters:
– integrated GSM
– 4 phone numbers for alarms, system failures (SMS)
– 230V power status signaled via SMS
– “Silent alarm” via SMS messaging
– PC software (read / write / edit the configuration)
– USB cable
– 255 event logs
– current status of the alarm device
– programming via SMS messages
– on request status of the system by SMS
– RTC with battery backup
– additional input for monitoring the tank hatch
– two years of battery life
– optional powered with solar cells
– battery status monitoring and notification