We were brimming with excitement as our company had the chance to be part of the 24th edition of the Technology and Environmental Protection Fair WETEX 2022 held at the Dubai World Trade Center. The venue is dubbed as the country’s epicenter of businesses and world-class events. WETEX is a 3-day event that started on the 27th and ended on the 29th of September 2022. The large turnout of visitors and specialists from the region and around the world made it more eventful. Companies and organizations from across the globe coming from the energy, water, environmental protection, oil, gas, and renewable energy sectors participated in this exhibit. There were also delegates from various countries who took part in this exhibit. In fact, we had a great time visiting Dutch, Italian, German, and Polish pavilions. We are delighted to know that Polish companies from GreenEvo were also one of the participants and they presented as part of the Ministry of Climate and Environment.

WETEX in Dubai is playing a significant role in bringing together different sectors in the field of energy, water, and renewable energy to showcase the latest innovations and technologies as well as to work collaboratively and strategically through an open and inclusive participatory process in shaping the future. We were greatly fascinated with the development plans for the Dubai 2026 Forest Project

We are confident to say that we were able to fully reap the benefits of all the effort of the organizers as we successfully conducted numerous business talks with contractors from the United Arab Emirates region as well as from other parts of the world. We were so honored to present the offer of our products such as the Squealer microprocessor which is used to continuously monitor the condition of the separators it is equipped with MAX sensors, Oiler, and SLUDO measuring probes in separators and settling tanks. The device is optionally equipped with a GSM communication module for SMS notification or with a battery or solar power supply. The aforementioned product received considerable attention among interlocutors.

We also brought with us and introduced our new product LIQUA which is used for measuring the liquid level in tanks. Most of the attendees we engaged with were in great awe of the efficiency and the feature of the product. They were mostly mesmerized by the thought that such small device measures precisely the level of liquid such as drinking water, rainwater, and sewage in a septic tank, and the result can be presented in liters [l.], Percent [%] and centimeters [cm].

WETEX 2022 enabled our company to present our products in different markets worldwide specifically among the sectors related to energy, water conservation, and saving natural resources. . We are very proud to be part of building a more sustainable environment.