Step ahead in product range by NOVABO – we would like to introduce our new ultrasonic sensor SLUDO. It is designed to inform about exceeding the level of sediment at the bottom of the tank.

Our designers prepared new enclosure so that their physical properties meet the standards for potentially explosive areas.

Then, they designed dedicated electronics, using the latest technology to identify the environment in which the probe is currently located. Because the probe in normal state is in water so it does not show alam. When the probe is placed in the tank sludge, the probe sends the alarm information to the SQUEALER module.

In order to identify the environment in which the probe works, we have used ultrasonic technology. Implemented sensors use the frequency at which the intensity changes depending on the environment. In general, the ultrasonic frequency is greater than human audible (greater than 20 KHz). So, we used the ultrasonic waves to measure of level of liquids and solid objects.

We are constantly working on new devices as well as upgrading existing ones to guarantee highest quality that meets our clients’ needs.

That is also the main goal for all NOVABO products.