Septic Tank Meter

Set for monitoring the overflow of a septic tank or other tank with dirty liquid, rainwater or drinking water.

This system is a complete kit that allows you to dig the pedestal with the siren into the ground or attach it to the wall.



septic tank meter / septic tank counter / septic tank level indicator

Universal level sensor for septic tanks or other liquids. It is widely used in the automation of objects. The most common application of the presented sensor is the measurement of the liquid level in household septic tanks.

The device works as a sensor and signals exceeding the permissible liquid level in the tank. The sensor sends information about exceeding the permissible liquid level to the control unit.

We especially recommend the septic tank meter to work with nGSM(Novabo), SATEL, Elmes or other control panels. These systems may include perform the function of notifying the user when the septic tank is full, and even automatically send an SMS to a mobile phone, e.g. to a mobile phone number. to the sewer company!

The presented device can also be successfully used in swimming pools, ponds, rainwater tanks to control pumps, heating depending on the water level.

Example applications:

  • septic tank overflow signaling,
  • signaling of high or low liquid level in any tank,
  • automatic control of the pump, etc.,
  • cooperation with alarm control panels,
  • cooperation with radio receivers,
  • cooperation with other devices via a relay output.

Technical parameters:

  • Sensor type: float or conductance, hermetic,
  • Sensor cable length: 5m,
  • Power supply: 230V,
  • Cooperation with radio receivers, nGSM(Novabo), SATEL, ELMES and other alarm control panels,
  • Certificates: CE,

Kit contents

  • A set consisting of a controller,
  • probes,
  • plinth to be dug into the ground,
  • optical and acoustic signaling device.

Warranty: 12 months