Accuracy in every action, precision in every measure.

NOVABO is a resilient and thriving manufacturing company that specializes in creating accurate and precise measuring equipment and devices. We are based in Gdansk, Northern Poland. All of our products have been designed by experienced engineers who are highly qualified and have gained knowledge in the Tri-city technical universities.


Highest Technology

Our company is equipped with the most up-to-date technology to ensure the quality and reliability of our products combined with our excellent customer service. This helps us create loyal customers and partners. We manufacture our products to make sure that we can offer the best electronic manufacturing services.

NOVABO uses the highest technology existing in the world to produce its devices.
NOVABO is a high-tech business entity that researches and develops IT personalized accessory products. With our PCB and SMT production technology, we can make alarm modules, GSM equipment, different types of sensors, and other electronics products for our consumers.

All of our products undergo several stages of strict quality control and are 100% inspected. Every effort we make is to ensure that our customers receive excellent products which will serve for years. We use Statistical Process Control to constantly analyze and improve our processes. We use fully computerized stock and traceability management systems giving us real-time stock info instantly.

Knowledge is a key
We believe that knowledge sharing is good, this rises the competence of the people around you with which you share, and you both can move forward faster instead to re-invent the wheel again and again.


To ensure quality, our products undergo thorough inspection and testing before we dispatch them.

We aim to give our customers a great level of service. Your success is our success.

Company Values

In NOVABO, we take pride not only in the quality and reliability of our products but also in the values, beliefs and philosophies that drive our company. Our company values are the foundation of our mission: to excel in our craft, surpass our customers’ expectations and guarantee 100% satisfaction. These are the values we adhere, our personal code of conduct.

Nurture the future

We believe that the future is our most important asset. It is crucial to foster and support the future by exploring new ideas and incorporating new innovations with tested and certified method.

Ownership of work

We take the initiative to bring about positive results. We see to it that everyone in NOVABO are being held accountable and responsible. As a result, we gain our customers’ and partners’ trust by providing them .

Valuing Customers and Business-Relations

We live by the adage “No business is an island”. Here in NOVABO, customers and relations with other partners are our most important intangible asset. We do regular research and survey to know what the growing market needs and requirements, thus, providing a quality and cost-effective products and service.


NOVABO thrives in a competitive global economy. We take pride in our ability to change and maintain effectiveness in a changing environment. We are able to adjust to new conditions while sustaining the quality and reliability of our products and services.


We are willing to take considered and calculated risk and show commitment in making better products. We achieve greater heights by being pro-active and innovative. We adhere to the saying “Create change in the world more than you ever thought possible”.


We are transparent and honest with all of our product’s capability. We encourage open and healthy communication with our customers and partners, allowing sharing of ideas and collaboration. NOVABO is always open for suggestion and criticism to help us grow and improve.