DEEP TESTER – a portable battery-powered device designed to measure the depth of the water level when drilling wells to monitor the rise and fall of the water level.


Basic Parameters

  • lengths 15m, 30m, 50m, 100m, 150m, 200, 300, 500, or more
  • diameter of the probe 14mm or 16mm
  • measurement accuracy up to 1mm
  • steel protection against stretching the tape
  • acoustic signaling BUZER
  • optical LED signaling
  • battery power supply with emergency auto-OFF function
  • acoustic indication with low battery voltage
  • probe made of stainless steel
  • elastic protection against tape bending
  • solid metal construction
  • UP-DOWN function (immersion or ascent generates alarm)
  • BRAKE – brake that slows drum rotation

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ELECTRONIC deepTESTER – a portable battery-powered device designed to measure the depth of the water level. Used to monitor liquid level changes, for wells, tank maintenance, etc. Information from the probe (14mm or 16mm) is passed to the control panel placed in the drum and generates an optical-acoustic signal when in contact with liquid. It has the ability to change the polarity of the operation (immersion generates an alarm or an ascent generates an alarm).

ELECTRONIC DEEP TESTER is a portable battery-operated device. The body is made entirely of metal. Inside the drum there is an electronic system that controls the operation of the device. There is a control panel at the front. The drum is wound in the form of a tape with a metric scale. At the end of the tape there is a measuring probe made of stainless steel.
Battery powered R9 9V with a built-in drawer for easy battery replacement. The battery used allows you to work for many years. It is recommended to use batteries for industrial applications – with the description INDUSTRIAL. This type of battery ensures a longer service life.
deepTESTER has an innovative solution that allows you to change the UP-DOWN polarity. When the device is started, the probe is immersed in water and generates an acoustic-optical alarm. On the other hand, switching the operation mode enables reverse logic and then the probe’s emergence from the water generates an acoustic-optical alarm.
The device is equipped with an intelligent electronic system that controls the battery life and the status of turning on or off the deepTESTER. AUTO-OFF function – supervises the work of a deepTESTER and in a situation when you forget to turn off the device, the system will automatically turn off its power and will not discharge the battery.
BRAKE – on the left side the deepTESTER has an adjustable brake that stops the drum from being unrolled during the measurement work as well as for transport to the place of use. The deepTESTER has a solid metal construction. The stand is made of welded tubes and powder coated, which protects the structure against corrosion for many years of operation. The drum is also made of thick pressed sheet and protected with a zinc coating. The deepTESTER construction ensures long-term use in harsh environmental conditions.
The ergonomic handle of the deepTESTER was designed so that carrying the drum and working while unrolling and rolling the tape was a pleasure. The diameter and specially profiled shape under the fingers makes the deepTESTER stick firmly in the hand.
The acoustic signaling is carried out using the built-in buzzer. The immersion or ascent alarm is generated by a continuous signal of approximately 100 dB. The device also has a built-in battery level monitoring system and generates a repetitive, intermittent pulse signal when it detects a low battery voltage level.
The probe rest handle secures it during transport and between measurements. The handle is made in the shape of a sleeve with an appropriate hole diameter. A soft plastic was used, which, in contact with the probe, does not expose it to scratches during transport.
The fixing of the cable in the probe housing has been secured with an elastic material preventing the tape from being broken or being rubbed when leaving the guide channel.
The probe with a diameter of only 14mm or 16mm and IP68 tightness allows the use of deepTESTER in the holes of a very small diameter. The probe is made of stainless steel, allowing long-term operation without damage. The measuring electrode was placed inside the probe housing so that it would not be exposed to damage during lowering in the guide channel.

The deepTESTER has three built-in button functions described on the control panel. Pressing for 1 second activates the deepTESTER, signaling it with a short sound and lighting the LED diode. A long press of the button switches the device off, which is signaled by a long beep and flashing of the LED diode. Pulse pressing during operation of the whirlwind enables to switch the UP-DOWN mode of operation (an alarm when it comes into contact with water or an alarm when it emerges from water).

SAFETY CASE – Bag securing the deepTESTER against damage during transport and rest. It is made of three layers of thick material, interleaved with a sponge protecting against impacts. Dimensions are 45x35x25 cm.
Measuring tape with a sunken metal guide that protects against stretching the wire. Two-wire cable (2 copper and steel cross-overs), insulated over the whole length with abrasion resistant material. On the embedded steel tape, a graduation with an accuracy of 1 mm is printed under the coating. Available wire lengths are 15m, 30m, 50m, 100m, 150m, 200, 300, 500 or more.